Event Management Services

Upavon Service Offering

Upavon Conferences offers a comprehensive service available under one roof. Our strengths lie in the ability to create energetic concepts for the conference and incentive market. We stride from strength to strength and offer our clients an exceptional and inspirational experience.


If every aspect of a conference has been planned in meticulous detail the operation on the day will run along well-laid rails.

Upavon will, on your behalf, liaise with all suppliers including venues, caterers, audio visual professionals, staging designers, décor specialists etc.

Planning – 25%


Prompt, friendly and efficient correspondence with all participants and stakeholders including speakers, delegates and exhibitors plays a vital role in ensuring a successful event.

Upavon will provide a professionally managed secretariat to provide exactly that.

All invoicing, accounting, contracting and correspondence will be handled by the Conference Secretariat.

Administration – 65%


This smallest area of responsibility is of course the most visible to the conference attendee and often to the client.

Upavon will provide a professionally staffed registration desk as well as a full conference management team headed up by a skilled and experience conference director. The team will take responsibility for ensuring that all contracted services are provided without complication.

Operational – 10%

Upavon specialises in overseas events as well as those held in South Africa. With many of the prime venues in South Africa being utilised by Upavon, recent conferences in Europe, Namibia, Zanzibar, Jamaica and the USA have proven Upavon’s ability to co-ordinate the most complex of logistical arrangements.


  • Conference Venue Management
  • Pre conference planning & project management
  • Programme & speaker management
  • Registration, hotel accommodation & flight bookings
  • Social events & tourism planning
  • Sponsorship & exhibition management
  • Conference & event management
  • Budget & financial management


Prices are available upon request and are varied according to client requirements

Please contact the Upavon office and let us help you put your event on the map

Why Outsource?

Save Money

  • Conference Professionals know where the best value for money exists in available venues and professional suppliers
  • The best negotiating skills are employed on behalf of the client
  • Tight budgetary control and scrutiny of venue billing can avoid significant unnecessary expenditure

Save Staff Time

Staff are able to focus on the day to day management of the company rather than having to put this to one side to manage a time consuming event

Enhance Creativity

Fresh ideas, fresh eyes and the old adage “two heads are better than one” all come into play when employing a professional conference management company

Benefit from a “one-stop” service

The efficient planning and operation of aspects as diverse as catering and audio visual test the resources of most organisations whose core businesses are normally totally unrelated to these activities. Add to these staging, entertainment, décor, transportation, hotel accommodation, operational control, registration administration etc can try the patience of the most willing of staff members.

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