Excluded Responsibilities

There are inevitably a number of areas where either control or decision making rests with The Client Organisation. These areas can be summarised as follows:

  • Overall Policy
  • Speaker Selection
  • Sponsorships
  • Marketing

Overall Policy

Determination of overall policy must remain your prerogative and such items as theme and content of the conference, logo, programme and budget need policy decisions from you. Upavon will be happy to submit a proposed budget, incorporating all items of income and expenditure in those areas of its proposed responsibilities. Most policy decisions can be given in early months, allowing the implementation of those policies to continue thereafter.

Speaker Selection

The selection of speakers is obviously not a customary responsibility of Conference / Event Managers. The secretariat will, however be happy to extend invitations to key speakers, and will administer correspondence with speakers, once selected. Such correspondence will cover notification of time and venue for each presentation, technical requirements, travel arrangements, and a collection from each speaker of data required for inclusion in the conference brochure and other publications.


Although Upavon will be happy to make suggestions on which items are available for sponsorship, because of the special relationships that exist between The Client and its associates, The Client enjoys a better strategic position to generate the necessary sponsorships than Upavon.


Upavon will of course vigorously pursue any lead or enquiry reported to the Secretariat. Upavon will again assist in the compilation of Conference promotional material. Upavon is in a position to introduce another outsourced specialist in this field with whom it has an established working association, if required.

Terms & Conditions